last update: January 25, 2014

Suppliers of Spare Parts and Maintenance to the Corrugated Industry

We Care for You & Your Machinery


We can service & supply spare parts for:

Rotary Die Cutters - Inline Machines - Feed Units - Flexo Printing Units - Slotting Units -

Die-Cut Units - Stacker - Taper - Rollstands (GMMS) - Folder - Counter


Genco   •  Genco Ward   •   General   •  General Ward  •   Corpart   •   Schule   •  Schule-Cortec






Service and spare parts for Rotofeed / RS-Feeder / Shurfeed / Euro-Feed(Corpart, Cortec, EMBA, F.H.Schule)

Spare parts for Schule and Schule-Cortec Machinery

Service for TEXO-Machinery

Service and spare parts for Interfic-contact bars

Representative for MaXXscore Corrugated Scoring rings for Scandinavia


- We guarantee availability of spare parts on an ongoing basis -

- We will provide a caring & professional service to your machinery, keeping it in excellent conditions -

- Many years of relevant experience as Service-Technican with company "Corpart" -

- Experienced International Fitting Inserter -

- Your machinery is in safe hands with us, we care -

- Let us deliver our promise by trying our service -